Hope You Like It Grandma

My grandma is obsessed with the art deco style cards sold at Clintons Cards, and is forever hinting at me that she’d love her own to hang on the wall. So for her birthday I decided to go one step further and paint her an A3 version on canvas, it even has a bit of…

More Creative Glasswork Ideas!

Turns out that as well as being used to decorate Christmas baubles, glass paints can also be used to make personalised drinking glasses. Wish I could have photographed them a little better so the colours could be appreciated fully but unfortunately they had to be boxed up and sent off!  

Painting plainly

This was a stripped down painting using non diluted acrylic on paper. The simplification of lines and shading, along with the colour choices are intended to give impact without sacrificing realism. Also to tell a story as the subject emerges.

Lets get biblical

I had a hybrid biblical and athletic theme in mind for this shoot for some reason, but the main purpose was to gain a better understanding of the male body, how it moved and how it differed from the female body. To help exaggerate shapes I worked with a higher contrast than I usually would…

Andy Who?

Taken inspiration from Andy Warhol for this piece, originally only intended to see which colour pallet looked best when editing a painting, but I quite like the outcome!

Gotta Draw ’em All

You know you’ve gone completely soft when you get roped into spending 3 hours drawing Pokemon for your nephews birthday party!

Christmas baubles in April

It may only be April but it is definitely never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents, especially if like me, you like to hand make them for everyone, and have got yourself a bit of a reputation! These Christmas baubles are my new favourite gifts to make as everyone loved them so much…

Portrait in Progress

Heres a portrait in progress. A2 on card using non watered down acrylic paints. I’m trying to recreate an almost renaissance like portrait but that means a lot of time an effort, I feel like i’ve barely begun this portrait! I use non watered down acrylic for this type of work as I feel I…

Impromptu photoshoot

Every so often i’ll pester my friends to let me photograph them, so that I have references to draw from or images to use when i’m practicing using editing software. Thank god my friends are so photogenic! Makes my life a hell of a lot easier!

Quick graphite sketch

I’m not usually one for quick sketches… I’m more of a take 18 hours per drawing kinda girl, but I quite like this! Really captured his expression when he realised I was slyly photographing everyone!