Back to Basics

I may float from medium to medium and try all different methods but I’m afraid simple pencil portraiture will always be my calling. Its my first and last love.

The Buller Wedding

A beautiful day for a beautiful couple. The Buller wedding was a vintage inspired do and the photography was intended to replicate that. Many of these images were taken on film rather than digital to keep in line with this theme.

Game of Thrones

Recently I’ve been really into a more illustrative style. And I like every other human have got caught up in the Game of Thrones hype! These pieces were inspired by three of the houses in Game of Thrones Targaryen, Greyjoy and Tyrell.

Rediscovered old piece

Old charcoal sketch of my cousin when she was going through a ‘phase.’ I think I must have been about 12 or 13 when I drew this!

A Little Essay on the Al Jazeera Effect

Why might the argument be made that we live in a ā€˜propaganda society_ I know politicsĀ isn’t for everyone, but if you do happen to be interested in political communications then maybe give this a quick read!

Hope You Like It Grandma

My grandma is obsessed with the art deco style cards sold at Clintons Cards, and is forever hinting at me that she’d love her own to hang on the wall. So for her birthday I decided to go one step further and paint her an A3 version on canvas, it even has a bit of…

More Creative Glasswork Ideas!

Turns out that as well as being used to decorate Christmas baubles, glass paints can also be used to make personalised drinking glasses. Wish I could have photographed them a little better so the colours could be appreciated fully but unfortunately they had to be boxed up and sent off!