The Greyjoy Kraken

Here is the Greyjoy kraken progress! A golden kraken on a field of black. Not quite happy with the colours yet, feel its looking a little flat… but i’ll keep editing until its perfect!

More Adobe Illustrator Experiments

Obsessed with these Game of Thrones themed Illustrations. Created these in Illustrator which is great as I can edit and and change them without losing my old copy. Some are original designs and some are taken from images/print/hand drawings, but I’m very pleased with the outcome! Think these designs lend themselves really well to the…

On Your Bike! More Adobe Illustrator Play

Drawing up a tat for my friend Matty, who wanted a compass and a watch incorporated into the bike he built with his grandad. This is the basic I’ve created so that I can test out different colours/patters/designs without having to draw a fresh each time. Lets hope he likes it!

Playing with Adobe Illustrator

Having a little play with Adobe Illustrator to see how I can edit some of my hand drawings… Shame about the terrible export quality of this one!

Back to Basics

I may float from medium to medium and try all different methods but I’m afraid simple pencil portraiture will always be my calling. Its my first and last love.

The Buller Wedding

A beautiful day for a beautiful couple. The Buller wedding was a vintage inspired do and the photography was intended to replicate that. Many of these images were taken on film rather than digital to keep in line with this theme.

Game of Thrones

Recently I’ve been really into a more illustrative style. And I like every other human have got caught up in the Game of Thrones hype! These pieces were inspired by three of the houses in Game of Thrones Targaryen, Greyjoy and Tyrell.